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Specialists in Production of Wire Display Racks

At Donegoods, we make various customized metal display racks, wire rack & shelf with over 10 years experience. Many of our products were delivered to America & Europe. We have the confidence to offer you good display fixtures at a reasonable price.

We design according to customer's specific location, picture, general size or customer's drawing in 1-2 days, and will send drawing to you for confirmation before we quote. 

Features of Wire Racks

Iron wire is a kind of metal wire drawn from low-carbon steel. Iron wire has different composition according to different purposes. It contains components: iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, and others element. Roll the hot metal billet into a 5mm thick steel bar, then put it into the wire drawing device to draw wires of different diameters, and gradually reduce the hole diameter of the wire drawing disc, and perform various processing techniques such as cooling, annealing, and coating. Wires of different specifications.

Advantages: good plasticity and softness.

Disadvantages: low hardness, low tensile force, easy to stretch.

1. Wire is widely used in display racks, wire display racks, barbed wire fences, hooks, etc. It is a very important material in metal display racks.

2. The choice of wire thickness must take into account the bearing capacity, otherwise the shelf will collapse and fall down.

The iron wire racks are lightweight, durable and inexpensive.  A customized wire display rack can incorporate a variety of shapes and details if needed. The main advantage is that they provide a sleek, open, streamlined design that allows you to showcase your product. In any store, clean and professional looking displays are not only useful, but essential. Wire display racks can be used to highlight small snack items in convenience stores to displaying the best of garments and accessories in a clothing store. Wholesale wire racks can be a good fit for almost any type of  business and still fit within the owner's budget.

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