We Supplied Our Foreign Customers With Disposable Masks And KN95 Mask

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Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic is no more breaking news, especially as many lives all around the world are being lost to this ravaging virus. Unfortunately, the pandemic hasn’t only led to the loss of lives, but has also contributed to a large extent in the stalling of businesses in the whole world.


Nevertheless, we are still thankful for the effort of the front liners who are fighting and trying their best to ensure that lives are saved from this dreaded pandemic.


Interesting and fortunately, most measures such as social distancing and the use of nose mask, are playing a very vital role in curtailing the spread of the deadly virus. For this reason, people all around the world are encouraged to use nose mask to protect themselves from contracting the virus, especially in areas where social distancing isn’t possible. Well, for us, we are also playing our part to ensure that the lives of our staff and workers are secured amidst the global pandemic.


Besides the lives of our staff and workers, we are also taking some proactive measures and additional responsibilities to ensure that we safeguard the lives of our esteemed customers in times like this.


And as a way of showing our customers that we love, care and cherish their good health, our company shipped a large quantity of disposable mask and KN95 mask to our foreign customers.

 We Supplied Our Foreign Customers With Disposable Masks And KN95 Mask

This, we did in order to ensure that our customers are well-equipped with the need personal protecting equipment (PPE) to protect themselves in case they need to step out of their homes.


Similarly, we also did this to preserve our image as a leading manufacturer of garment display racks in the industry who is conscious of the health and welfare of their customers and staff alike.


In the same vein, our step towards shipping some KN95 mask and disposable mask to our foreign was our little way of ensuring that these PPEs get to them since these materials were already out of stock in most marketplaces all around the world.

 We Supplied Our Foreign Customers With Disposable Masks And KN95 Mask

While we were able to ship a sizeable amount of these mask to our foreign customers, some of them who needed to buy these PPE in wholesale so that they can retail them also bought in large quantities from us.


Upon the receipt of the order from our customers who needed to purchase KN95 mask and disposable mask from us in large quantities, we quickly gathered the order parcel for immediate delivery.


After a short while, the order shipment was delivered to our customers’ destination, and they were very happy and expressed their sincere gratitude for us rising up to the responsibility of giving a helping hand when they needed us the most.

 We Supplied Our Foreign Customers With Disposable Masks And KN95 Mask

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