We Have Completed Another Outstanding Gondola Shelving Project

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What is the ultimate happiness of every shop and market place? Well, if you ask us, it is very simple – having their products well displayed for customers to see and pick whenever they need them.


The management of most shopping malls and supermarkets in the world wouldn’t mind going the extra mile to ensure that the invest in the right shelves such as the Gondola shelving in order to give their customers a good view of all their high-quality products.


Interestingly, while a good shelving material and fixture seems to be one of the most paramount thing for the managing team of any supermarket, one other important factor they usual consider when planning to embark on this project is having a trusted manufacturer and supplier who will deliver products that will stand the test of time for them.

 Gondola shelving

Besides just having suppliers with shelves that will last long, customers of various shelving materials are also on the lookout for shelves that will be sleek, easy to install and also super easy to remove when the need arises.


For this reason, many superstores all around the world have identified us as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the best shelves and display fixtures such as the Gondola shelving, which they can trust and bank on any time.


It is in this light that one of our customers who patronized some sets of our high-quality Gondola shelving and other types of shopping mall display racks invited us to carry out the complete installation of the products in their store. Well, just like it is our custom, the invitation came as expected and our team of engineers were fully prepared to take up the task without delay.


On arrival to the store, our team of engineers first of all considered which part of the store would be the perfect spot to fix each type of display fixture in order to give customers the best view of what product they may want to shop.


With considerations as this, and many of other technical considerations, our engineers were able to perfectly mount the beer cave fixture mounted at a very strategic part of our client’s store for ease of access and visibility to their customers.


While on site in our customer’s shop, we also carried out the installation of other display fixtures such as the installation of the cold storage project of chain stores, which is meant for the storing of frozen beer and various beverages.

 Gondola shelving

With a high-level of expertise in the trade all these activities took our engineers just a little time to complete and the whole project was completed without affecting the business of our client.


The entire project, although a bit hectic for our staff, took 5 days to complete and all the fixtures were confirmed to be firm and safe by our customer while inspecting the job done.


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We are a trusted brand when it comes to helping you showcase your products to your customers in the best way. Our products are made from the best materials and they are intentionally designed to stand the test of time as well as give your products the best view possible.


Sure, you will want to be a part of our happy customers who enjoy using our various display fixtures. Kindly click here to buy or make enquiries about any of our products and we will be glad to speak with you and answer all your queries


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