How To Make Essential Oil Display Racks

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Displays are implemented universally. In shopping malls, exhibitions, automotive repair shops, home stores, there are displays all over showcasing business products.


If you have a business that sells merchandise to end-users, then there are high odds that you will be requiring a few usages of display racks.


The function of a rack is to aid in the organization of products in the store and give a perfect product display for customers.


Manufacturers of display racks can make customized racks following a customer's specifications.


There are currently various display racks for sale in the market today, so ensure patronize a unwavering manufacturer for a quality product.


Steps in Making an Essential Oil Display Rack

Below are the stages of making an essential oil display rack:


1. Materials and Equipment

Before making an essential oil display rack, the materials and tools need to be gathered. They are:


· Pallet wood

· Wood screws

· Stain or paint

· Drill

· 1 x 2 wood piece (breadth of your backing)

· 2pieces of 1 x 4 wood (height of your backing)

· 2drywall anchors

· Picture Hanging Kit

 display rack

2. Assemble Rack Backing

Organize the pallet wood the way you would like and ensure the attractive side is down, as that will be the frontage.


After you have gotten your desired boards, screw the 1 x 4 piece of wood vertically at both ends of the wood to attach all your boards.


3. Paint the pieces

Before connecting the racks, everything has to be painted. This is an easy way as you won't have to penetrate all the nooks and crannies using your paintbrush.


Therefore, grasp your rack backing and begin to paint.


4. Connect the Racks

The connection of the rack starts when the paint gets dry.


Measure the racks so they would be equally spaced, and afterward, screw them from the back of the rack with the wood screws.


5. Addition of Rack Hanging Wire to the back

The newly made rack is quite heavy, hence, the use of a picture hanging kit.


This kit makes use of hooks and wires to circulate the weight through the entire rack evenly.


Once that has been put in order, the rack will then be attached to the wall with the use of the 2 drywall anchors.


6. Finishing Touches

Now that the rack is ready, you may decide to leave the essential oil display rack as it is or integrate a miniature personality like the addition of graphics or fun-sayings.


Benefits of Using Display Racks

1. The use of display racks helps attract customers’ attention and increase sales.


2. It enhances customers’ knowledge and helps them choose the right product.


3. The more a consumer is informed about the product, the more the possibility of making that very sale.


4. Display racks can be made specifically with the clients' symbol and a design that is distinctive to their image.


Are you looking to attract customers with a display rack?

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