EUROSHOP 2020 Was A Massive Success

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Euroshop is one of the biggest trade fares n the world for the display of capital goods. For the retail industry, it is a time of excitement and massive sales. This is because members of the industry receive the opportunity to display their goods, network, and most importantly, make massive sales. 


This year, it was dated before the COVID-19 lockdown, on the 16th of February at Stockumer Kirchstr. 61 D-40474 Dusseldorf, Germany. As manufacturers of quality display racks, including the zigzag display rack, we went with enthusiasm and excitement, displaying three representative products for sale.

 EUROSHOP 2020 Was A Massive Success

With almost 10 years’ experience, we knew that our products are of great quality, and can stand with the other products that would be displayed at Euroshop.


All our display racks have excellent qualities such as a steady structure, add on design, heavy-duty loading capacity, elegant packaging and adjustable heights. 


They are manufactured with different materials such as cardboard, glass, plastic and metal. They also can be DIY installed and are utilizable in the kitchen, bedroom, office, parlour, office, hotels, department stores, showing rooms and factories. We went to Euroshop with three of our distinct products. 

 EUROSHOP 2020 Was A Massive Success

They include our Z Rack, Quad candy rack and Razor Beverage Racking system.


Z Rack Features:

They come in a Size that is approximately H54.8"*L24.4"*W18.2"

Their Pack is K/D Structure

The readily available Colour is Glossy black, but there are other colours available

· They help maximize space with their z-shaped shelving

· They also allow two-sided shopping in the candy aisle

· They have easily change header art

· They are constructed with durable sheet metal and wire.


Quad Candy Rack Features:

They come in a size that is approximately 59" HX 34" WX24"D

Their pack is overall welding or k/D Structure

Their readily available colour is Glossy black with other colours available

· They are used for displaying candy as well as or other items in their quad racking system with 5-shelves

· Includes Snap-on peg hooks which are 24 and 6-inch each

· It includes five or six middle baskets as well as five 7-inch baskets by the side

· It also comes in a standard form with casters

· It comes with 4-sides sign holder present full graphic advertising. 


Razor Beverage Racking Systems Features:

They come in a size that is approximately 55.5" HX 37.8" WX24.5"D

Their pack is K/D Structure

Their readily available colour is Glossy black, with other colours available

· They are very resourceful in maximizing space and come with a complete line of beverage racking and display systems,

· It is also versatile and has multiple shelf designs

· It has gravity-fed shelving, which can be easily transformed into a flat shelving,

· Has two-litre dividers.

 EUROSHOP 2020 Was A Massive Success

Contact us to purchase any of the vast arrays of the display racks that we have for sale. With continuous development and research programes, we have risen to be top manufacturers, renowned for the quality and creative structures of our products. 


We can manufacture custom made products to your specific needs, requirements and taste. We deliver as far as America and Europe and are confident that all our products are offered at an affordable price. Kindly contact us and let us bring your ideas to reality.


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