Creative Bathroom Storage Rack Ideas To Create More Space In Your Home

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Most houses built in China cities don't have a comfortable, classy bathroom storage racks.


Nevertheless, should that discourage us from living aptly? Definitely not! The solution is when you initiate a well designed vault in the bathroom, making planning and proper arrangements easier.


Actually, for time being, China had ignored this useful solution for their bathrooms. Thus, replace this part in your bathroom and you will surely view an immediately amendment. We offer the best creative decorative answers, like various triple bathroom set, including the smallest corner in your bathroom will be transformed into a well arranged, and freed from disorder.


However, one important thing you must consider is that you have to source for all your bathroom storage rack needs from an experienced manufacturer.


Storage concept for bathroom renewal.

The actual period to include durable, fixed storage is when the renewal of the bathroom is on-going. This is the concept.

1. Bathroom vanity

Nothing compares to bathroom vanities with the underneath sink closet, if proper storage is required.


It helps you keep sanitary materials, some other bath materials and many other things in well tidy and organized pattern. Besides, note that the home rack should be constructed far away from the shower and the materials used for constructing should be water retainer.

 bathroom storage rack

Concept points

Your choice of vanity should a wall attached sets, which will enhance cleaning of the floor easier and also making the bathroom broad.


2. Wall opening or recessed rack.

Usually, China bathrooms are closely built naturally, wall opening or enclosed storage works suitably for bathroom.


It tidily encloses all the items in the bathroom into the wall without obstructing the storage spaces. In addition, the wall opening shows the materials kept inside unlike vanity that can only store the materials but not show what was kept inside.


Concept points

The wall opening can be designed in a decorative arrangement for prominent fit up in your bathroom. Include small planters, vases or artificial flower for beautiful appearance. Then place a mirror or glass windows for a narrow wall opening which create broad space for the bathroom.


3. Upper storage

The only way you can keep all the additional bath materials, towels and sanitary materials is creating a storage placed on top of the bathroom doors. It can be either opened or closed with water proof sets, which keeps all your bath materials inside making it looks durable.


Concept points

The length of the set can meet each other from one side of the wall to other wall; make sure the width interval is 12 and 15 inches. You may also include an angled rack sets to show a climbing plant, hence adding both the purpose and aesthetics in a smaller set.

 bathroom storage rack

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