6 Benefits of Effective Point of Purchase Displays

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Executing well at retail is something that every brand must master if they want to succeed.  Once customers are already in the store, how do you get them to interact with and eventually buy your products? The answer lies in your point of purchase marketing.

By effectively reaching customers within the store, you can increase your sales without greatly increasing your budget. Point of purchase marketing can be the key to easily improving your brand's performance at retail relative to the competition. First, let's dive deeper into what point of purchase actually is.

What is Point of Purchase Marketing?

Point of purchase is defined as any part of a store where a customer engages with your product. POP displays themselves are displays that exist separate from the standard aisle shelf, effectively inserting a product into a shopper's path through the store.


Effective point of purchase displays have many advantages in store, and can help both retailers and buyers to love your brand. Point of purchase displays have been shown to increase sales at retail as much as 20 percent! To break this down, here are the top six advantages of effective point of purchase displays.


Catch the Customer's Eye

Shoppers in a store are known to be “skimmers,” meaning that they'll skim down the aisle looking for one thing in particular. Packaging alone, no matter how catchy or visually appealing, is often too small to make an impact on a customer without a little help. That's where your display comes in. Using bigger mediums such as a cardboard display or hanging shelf sign to accompany your product increases the chance that a buyer will notice it.

Supplement Your Packaging

You've got a great product, and you want to communicate that to as many people as possible. There's a lot you could say, but it's hard to fit it all onto a small label or box. Enter point of purchase displays. In addition to making your brand easier to spot, they allow you more space to better educate buyers on the unique value that your product offers. This can be utilized by providing additional information that won't fit on your packaging, or simply making your brand's designs bigger to better help with branding.


Strategically Locate Your Products

Point of purchase displays are often free-standing, or attachments that can be fit onto the ends of shelves. This gives both you and your retailer a lot more flexibility as to where to put your product. You're no longer getting squeezed in on the corner somewhere low on the shelf, but instead can be right in the middle of highly traversed areas within the store. This is also a great way to get your brand next to any complementary products it may be commonly used with, even if traditional shelf space isn't available there.

Help Your Retailer Merchandise Your Products

A common struggle for brands is ensuring that their products are merchandised effectively at retail. This is limited by how well your retailer understands your brand, and by how much time and space they can devote to each of the many brands they need to promote. By providing a display along with your product, you are able to dictate exactly how you want your brand advertised within the store, saving both you and your retailers a lot of trouble.


Be More Cost Effective

Getting your brand an ad on most media platforms is always pricey. Point of purchase displays such as posters or signs are a way to say whatever you would have said in a magazine or on a billboard for a fraction of the cost. You can even use the same ads or messages, but simply tailor them to fit a store poster or cardboard display. As an added bonus, it’s easier to target to a more relevant audience who can be immediately impacted by your advertising.


Target Impulse Buyers

It's much easier to entice customers to buy your product if they are already in a store with the purpose of buying something. A clever ad is more likely to have an effect if the person viewing it has the opportunity to buy that product right then and there. If shoppers are already making a purchase, there's a better chance they'll add something new onto it.  Large numbers of purchases are often unplanned, especially in the food and beverage industry, meaning that effective point of purchase marketing can have a profound effect on your sales.


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