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Donegoods Wishes All Our Customers Happy Spring Festival

Donegoods is delighted to witness another business year. We firmly believe that this year will be a wonderful and promising year for the company and our respected customers.

We Supplied Our Foreign Customers With Disposable Masks And KN95 Mask

Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic is no more breaking news, especially as many lives all around the world are being lost to this ravaging virus.

EUROSHOP 2020 Was A Massive Success

Euroshop is one of the biggest trade fares n the world for the display of capital goods. For the retail industry, it is a time of excitement and massive sales.

Happy Christmas Celebration To Our Esteemed Customers And Hardworking Staff

Christmas is here again and it is another season of celebration, joy, and excitement. It is a time to show love to others by action.

Tips To Promote Product Display With Gondola Shelving

Having your shop located in a high traffic area is still not enough to catch the attention of potential customers. There is still a need to encourage passerby to step through the door and come into your shop.


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